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Gear oil should be replaced need to pay attention

Published:2014-07-10 Hits:
The car is a problem of urban road block walk, occasional bad pick fault block. Car a year and a half, ran 1.2w axioms.

The first time I went 4s, master to change gear oil, if not enough to say that running is probably gearbox failure, was found the next day after the cold start, go 1 block roads in urban areas will still be occasional bad pick block, then again go 4s, another teacher tried the car, there was no question test, he said that running again and see if you still have problems, first consider shifting more lines, the possibility of small machines and gearbox problems.

Ran back after nearly 100 kilometers, a little more urban, found a block back to normal, so 4s master said makes sense, the problem of the possibility of normal use of the machine is very small, it should be because there is no time to replace the gear oil the reason.

Just after oil change problem still occurs, it may be a new gearbox oil has not fully penetrate the device, the complete replacement of the old oil out, indicating that the new gearbox oil change also requires a simple run-in.

In this remind riders must be promptly replaced gear oil ah. After this thing, I think one year 1w km of gear oil should be replaced. Do not wait until the car shift appears difficult to think of it afterwards.

My car oil change when the oil flow out of gear looks golden, almost opaque, somewhat like the color powder paint, but a little light, indicating that the oil in a large metal shavings. The new oil is a pale yellow clear and transparent.

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