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Autumn vehicle maintenance antifreeze replacement mutations

Published:2014-07-10 Hits:
With the arrival of autumn, the owners' attention also to the weather getting cooler, a lot of equipment vehicles are required, the cleaning of the cleaning, the timely replacement of the replacement, but also timely to examine the check, then the owners of a friend have you noticed that all?
Maintenance of the car is that we often mention, but how many of us do it, it is dedicated to the protection of the car? Although cliché is that so few links, but the one hand, that's the key lies, and always emphasize is the most important.

Then we issue for automotive antifreeze, to talk about how to look at the autumn antifreeze. With lower autumn temperatures, and replace the antifreeze becomes very important, as we all know, the big autumn temperature changes, subject to sudden changes in temperature, and therefore, we must do the work in advance.

Antifreeze is a car which is very important, it plays the biggest role is for the engine, and the engine can be described as the car's "heart", which is sufficient to see the effect of antifreeze, which can effectively remove dirt inside the engine, debris, allowing the engine to achieve the best performance.

Autumn temperatures above also talked about sudden mutation, which is very detrimental to the engine, but, in advance of the replacement of antifreeze and timely adjust the temperature, because the temperature of the mutation, the car still unimpeded, when it comes to replacement of antifreeze, we still need spread knowledge about the antifreeze.

The first is the antifreeze water problem we must pay attention to antifreeze added to distinguish between soft and hard water, hard water is common in our ordinary water, and in the need to add antifreeze is soft water, a lot of friends into the opposite error, add hard water is a kind of error approach is not only caused by the clogging of the engine, will also affect engine performance and shorten engine life.

The second is the distinction between antifreeze and coolant, antifreeze although the cooling effect, but the owner must be treated differently friend, in essence, there are still some differences, the cooling fluid can be water, it can be antifreeze, can also be Coolant is equivalent to a combination of water and antifreeze, restricted seasons, and Four Seasons General antifreeze, the performance is good.

Fall car owners need more attention, antifreeze is one of an addition, like air conditioning, tires, lubricants, etc. should be noted adding that these are the fall car care items, and also we had to hand in autumn car is also more problematic situation is when we need to focus on.

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