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How to effectively maintain the car's cooling system

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Experts teach you to see the water tank height deputy is within the normal range; tank lid has a rubber gasket to prevent high-pressure water and gas leaks; If the washer has lost elasticity or aging, it should be replaced immediately; cleaning water tanks and cooling lines. Best use of automotive engine cooling water clean soft water.
     Hard water softening method is: after 40 g sodium hydroxide dissolved in 1 liter of water, then 60 liters of water involved, and then the solution was filtered and injected into the radiator.
     Antifreeze use: The main ingredient of antifreeze is ethylene glycol, alkaline, pH value between 7.6 to 11.9 and more, freezing point should be lower than minus 26 ℃, boiling point should be higher than 105 ℃, the general validity of 1 to 2.5 years. Every two years the car journey should exchange the engine coolant.
     Use of antifreeze should focus on the following points:
     1. Use of vehicle antifreeze, do not directly compensate the water, should be involved in distilled or deionized water, if there is no condition, add cold water better than tap water added. If antifreeze leak due to the loss should be compensated with the brand antifreeze. Antifreeze should apply seasons, summer water use approach is unscientific, but also runs the risk of.
     2. Abnormal brands of antifreeze by the use of metal corrosion is not the same, so the anomaly can not mix brands of antifreeze Another key choice is to guarantee the security of antifreeze. Know a good antifreeze both corrosion, scale, anti-boil, anti-freeze, rust and other results, but also play a protective role against the tank, can use all year round. Quality antifreeze should look clear and transparent, no odor, and some low-quality antifreeze does not have a foundation and prevent frost boil function, of course, some antifreeze freezing point and boiling point of passing, but with corrosive, so will damage the tank or other lines of life
     After 3 months 12 antifreeze place, there may be a small amount of flocculent stacked, separated additives such representation is composed mostly without discarded. If there were many particle accumulation, indicating that the antifreeze in the past metamorphosis, can not be utilized,

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